Year 4

For copies of year 4 correspondence please click here: Correspondence

 Autumn Term 2017 

4S Lighthouse Models

4S are pleased to share the pictures of our finished lighthouse models. We made excellent use of the materials that came in from home and have produced some interesting and very effective designs. We hope you enjoy looking at our creations!




Tomb Raiders

For more information about our Egyptian Topic please see this leaflet: Tomb Raiders




Welcome to Year 4's Website page.

For more details about what is going on this term, please see our Year 4 Welcome Letter:

 Year 4 welcome letter

Year 4 staff:

Year 4 Leader of Learning: Mrs Petrie

 Class  Teacher  Learning Support
 4 Guildford  Miss Thornett / Mrs Sleigh  Mrs Dowling
 4 Salisbury  Mrs Petrie  Mrs Parry
 4 Winchester  Mrs Doven  Ms Wren


If you need to contact us directly you are welcome to do so by email: Staff Email Addresses and we will endeavour to respond to you promptly around our teaching commitments.  If your message requires a more urgent response it may be preferable to contact us via the school office on Tel 01252 322933.

Lighthouse models

As part of our DT curriculum, the Year 4 pupils will be making lighthouse models to link with our upcoming work on The Green Ship.  We are asking all children to bring in materials that could be used to make these 3-D models.  In the past, children have created some excellent models out of things such as: Pringles tubes, kitchen roll tubes, cardboard cereal boxes, boxes for cans of drinks, chocolate boxes.  Children can start bringing in items as soon as possible to get our collections going.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to speak to your child's class teacher.


Hooke Court meetings

We will be holding meetings to share information about the Year 4 residential trip to Hooke Court on:

Monday 2nd October at 3:30 in 4G classroom

Wednesday 4th October at 5:15 in 4G classroom

This is to accommodate working parents; it is NOT necessary to attend both meetings.


 Summer Term 2017 

10 Ways to remember a tricky spelling


Coastal Explorers Word Bank

Please find attached the word bank for the new Year 4 topic 'Coastal Explorers':


Topic Outcome 'Mini Beasts'

Many thanks to our Year 4 parents who came to our topic outcome on 25th May.  Here is some of the parent feedback we received from the event:




Hooke Court

A presentation was given to parents on the 3rd May about the children's visit to Hooke Court.  To view a copy of the presentation please click here:  HOOKE COURT JUNE 2017.

Children are allowed to bring small bags on the trip for taking out and about during the day, but that these will be the responsibility of the child.  Small drawstring bags would be ideal for this purpose.


Termly Update

The Year 4 team have sent the following information to all parents today (26th April 2017):

Wings, Stings and Wriggly Things

Summer Term Key Dates



 Spring Term 2017 

Minibeast Word Bank

We recommend that the Year 4 children familarise themselves with these words:


Frog Spawn

These pictures show 4 Guildford releasing frog spawn that a pupil brought in from home.  We carried the frog spawn down to the Jubilee Jungle in a plastic bucket and released it into the pond.



Times Tables Songs

You can find links to the times table songs at the bottom of the main Maths page:  Maths.


Persuasive Writing

Year 4 have been learning about persuasive writing during Literacy.  They were given the proposal of the school field being sold for a housing development.  In groups they had to look at reasons for and against from the perspective of different groups who would be affected by the proposal.




This week in Maths, Year 4 has been looking at measurements. They walked around the classrooms measuring different things and decided to measure how tall the tallest and smallest people in the class were.  4G even measured the heights of their teacher and LSA!  They then took the measuring outside and used metre sticks and a trundle wheel to measure their environment.  I wonder what they will measure next? 





Reading with your Year 4 Child

We would like to recommend the following articles which are packed with great ideas for ways to improve your reading sessions with your child:


Autumn Term 2016


Year 4 British Museum Visit

On Tuesday, Year 4 visited the British Museum in London.  We saw some amazing sights, such as statues, tomb paintings and even the Rosetta Stone!  There was plenty of sketching, investigating and learning more about these amazing people.  The children all enjoyed the day and it really helped to bring the topic of Ancient Egypt to life for everyone.  Thank you very much to the helpers who came and made the day such a success!!




Lighthouse Project

As part of our topic on The Green Ship and in connection with our Science on electricity, Year 4 designed and built our own working lighthouse models to guide the green ship to safety.  We designed the models using materials we collected form home and, once they were decorated in the style we wanted, we used the electrical equipment to build circuits that lit up.  Some groups even created switches out of things like paperclips so the light could be made to flash!






Home Learning Timetables

Our family support worker Mrs Lee would like to share these printable resources for you to use with your children to help plan and make their home learning more manageable.

When your child receives their home learning:

  • Encourage them to plan what home learning they will do, when and how much.
  • Spread the home learning out over the week – little and often e.g. 10-15 minutes per session.
  • Give a small, immediate reward.
  • Remind your child that if they don’t do their home learning at the agreed time, there won’t be a reward.


Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Animals

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Fairy

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Football

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Space

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Purple

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Green

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Blue


Year 4 Home Learning Zone

 Tomb Raider Project (updated 21/10/2016)

  Home learning grid

  Reading Passport



As part of our design technology topic, Year 4 children will be creating a lighthouse model out of materials brought in from home. 

We are requesting that children bring in any materials (such as cardboard kitchen rolls, cereal boxes, plastic bottles and egg cartons) they would like to help them construct their models.

Thank you for your support,

The Year 4 Team


Hooke Court Residential Trip

All Year 4 students will have the opportunity to attend the annual Hooke Court Residential trip.

This year the dates of the trip are 19th - 21st June.

There is an information evening for parents on 26th September 2016 @ 3.30pm.

For more information please click on the link below:

Hooke Court Information Evening


Year 4 Maths Target Booklet

Please find below a link to the the year 4 Maths Target Booklet.

  Year 4 - Maths Target Booklet


Helping your year 4 child:

We would like to recommend the following guides for parents (please click on the links below):


Acheivement for All Project

Year 4 are involved with the acheivement for all project. This is a research project which which aims to find out what impact the Acheivement for All programme has on the outcomes for children.

For more infomation and/or the opt-out form please click on this link:  Acheivement for All