Year 5

For copies of all year 5 parental correspondence please click here: Correspondence.


 Autumn Term 2017 

Home Learning

  September 2017 (due in by Wednesday 4th October)

  October 2017 (due in by Tuesday 17th October)


Welcome to Year 5's website page!

For more details about our activities this term please check our Year 5 welcome leaflet:

 Year 5 Welcome (Page 1) 

Year 5 Welcome (Page 2)


Year 5 staff:

Year 5 Leader of Learning: Ms Gregory & Mrs Booth

 Class  Teacher  Learning Support 
 5 Guildford  Mrs Deadman / Mrs Brace   Mrs Broderick
 5 Salisbury  Mr Hills  Miss Brown
 5 Winchester   Mrs Booth / Ms Gregory  Miss Huntback


If you need to contact us directly you are welcome to do so by email: Staff Email Addresses and we will endeavour to respond to you promptly around our teaching commitments.  If your message requires a more urgent response it may be preferable to contact us via the school office on Tel 01252 322933.


 Summer Term 2017 

Yr.5 - Get ready to be Yr.6!

For an introduction to the first topic of next year 'Though someone else's eyes' and our recommended learning activities for summer, please see the attached:  Through Someone Else's Eyes.

Good luck for year 6 everyone!


Home Learning Zone

  Home Learning Grid

  ROAR Flyer


Sex Education Reference Books

Here is a list of books that parents and carers may find useful when discussing changes in the body and sex education with their children. We recommend that, before sharing any of these books with children, parents and carers check that they are comfortable with the content.

All these books are available from Amazon.


Year 5 Topic Outcome 'Through someone else's eyes'

Many thanks to our Year 5 parents who came to our Year 5 topic outcome this morning!

Here are some pictures of the rehearsals, some of the artwork and an example of some of the feedback we had from the event:








Termly Update

The Year 5 team have sent the following information to all parents today (25th April 2017):

Through Someone Else's Eyes

Summer Term Update


Spring Term 2017 

Times Tables Songs

You can find links to the times table songs at the bottom of the main Maths page:  Maths.


PGL 2017

Our current Yr.5 students will have the opportunty to go to PGL in October 2017 (when they are in Yr.6).  
For more information about this exciting opportunity please see the presentation below:
Yr.5 Presentation re PGL 2017


Reading with your Year 5 Child

We would like to recommend the following articles which are packed with great ideas for ways to improve your reading sessions with your child:


Home Learning Zone

 Half Term Holiday Homework (updated 17/02/2017)  Being True To Yourself


 Spring Reading Passport (updated 09/02/2017)

  Home Learning Grid (updated 09/02/2017)

  Home Learning Grid (updated 19/01/2017)

 Home Learning Grid (updated 05/01/2017)


Connaught Double Clubs

You should have received a letter last term advertising the Connaught Double Clubs.  We have received notification from Connaught that there are still spaces available if you are interested.
Their numeracy club starts next Wednesday (11th January) 5pm - 6pm in the Maths Department at Connaught and continues at the same time for the following 4 weeks.
Pupils wishing to attend need to come with a parent, grandparent or older sibling.
Anyone wishing to book a space can do so by contacting Rich Scarborough (Senior teacher at the Connaught School) directly on or 01252 343723.
Thank you from the Year 5 team.


Autumn Term 2016

Half Term Home Learning

Year 5 are not setting compulsory home learning over half term. However, as a part of their reading we would like them to read this text with an adult and discuss unfamiliar words. Please sign the home link book to show that you have completed this.
Thank you from the Year 5 Team. 

 Year 5 War Of The Worlds Text

 Year 5 War Of The Worlds Graphic Novel - Part 1

 Year 5 War Of The Worlds Graphic Novel - Part 2


Home Learning Timetables

Our family support worker Mrs Lee would like to share these printable resources for you to use with your children to help plan and make their home learning more manageable.
When your child receives their home learning:
  • Encourage them to plan what home learning they will do, when and how much.
  • Spread the home learning out over the week – little and often e.g. 10-15 minutes per session.
  • Give a small, immediate reward.
  • Remind your child that if they don’t do their home learning at the agreed time, there won’t be a reward.


Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Animals
Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Fairy
Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Football
Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Space
Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Purple
Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Green
Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Blue


Year 5 Home Learning Zone

 Home Learning (Support) (updated 13/10/2016)
 Home Learning (updated 13/10/2016)
  Autumn Reading Passport
   Autumn Maths Targets


Request for Parent Help!

We are very short of parent helpers for our trip to Kew Gardents on Thursday 6th October.  If you think you would like to help with this trip or any of the other year 5 trips or activities this year, please can you contact your class teacher and let them know your availability and fill out the slip below in order to register your interest:
Year 5 Parent Helpers


Helping your year 5 child:

We would like to recommend these guides for parents (please click on the links below):


Acheivement for All Project

Year 5 are involved with the acheivement for all project. This is a research project which which aims to find out what impact the Acheivement for All programme has on the outcomes for children.
For more infomation and/or the opt-out form please click on this link:  Acheivement for All