Year 6

For copies of year 6 correspondence please click here: Correspondence


Topic Outcome - Greeks

Many thanks to the parents who came to our Year 6 topic outcome.  Here is some of the feedback we received from this event:



Home Learning 

November 2017 (due in by Tuesday 12th December) and Liquid Worksheet

November 2017 (due in by Tuesday 28th November) and Homophones


 Autumn Term 2017 

PGL and Non PGL Activities

If you want to know more about what your year 6 children are doing this week, please check the news feed: LATEST NEWS


Home Learning

 October 2017 (due in by Tuesday 10th October)


PGL Liddington Wiltshire

For more information please check the following:  PGL Powerpoint


Home Learning

 September 2017 (due in by Tuesday 26th Sept)


Groovy Greeks

Meet the teachers & Autumn Term welcome

The attached powerpoint is packed with information about Year 6:  Welcome to Year 6

You can also find lots of information on our Autumn Term Welcome Letter:  Letter to Parents


Year 6 staff:

Year 6 Leader of Learning: Mrs Kingshott

 Class  Teacher  Learning Support 
 6 Guildford  Miss Baker   Mrs Ewing
 6 Salisbury  Mrs Steel / Mrs Bennett   Miss Palmer
 6 Winchester  Mrs Kingshott / Mrs Vacher   Mrs Cartwright


If you need to contact us directly you are welcome to do so by email: Staff Email Addresses and we will endeavour to respond to you promptly around our teaching commitments.  If your message requires a more urgent response it may be preferable to contact us via the school office on Tel 01252 322933.


 Summer Term 2017 

Sex Education Reference Books

Here is a list of books that parents and carers may find useful when discussing changes in the body and sex education with their children. We recommend that, before sharing any of these books with children, parents and carers check that they are comfortable with the content.

All these books are available from Amazon.



Topic Outcome - Fitness Fayre

Many thanks to our Year 6 parents who came to our Year 6 topic outcome.  Here is some of the parent feedback we received from this event:




Making Healthy Meals

Year 6 have put their culinary skills to the test! 

After learning about a balanced diet and the different food groups, they have designed and made a variety of healthy pasta and cous-cous salads.




Starting Secondary School

As we start to think about saying a fond fairwell to our Year 6 children, as they prepart to leave St Michael's Junior school and move on to secondary school, we would like to recommend that parents/carers may wish to read this article, which offers practical advice about how to support your child through the transition as well as a helpful guide and checklist:


The Daily Mile

Our Year 6 children have been taking part in an initiative called 'The Daily Mile'.  The aim of the daily mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children.

For more information about the concept, please visit the Daily Mile Website:


Personal Project

Please click on the link below for more details about the Year 6 'Personal project'.  

Personal Project.


Survival of the fittest

The final topic of the academic year is 'Survivial of the fittest'.  In this PE and Science based topic Yr.6 will learn all about the main body part and internal organs.  They will learn about how to stay healthy and about different ways that our bodies sustain damage.

We would love to see all Parents/Carers on Friday 16th June of the Yr.6 'Fitness Fayre' which will take place between 9.15am and 10am.  Please bring your trainers and a bottle of water!

For more details about this topic please see our topic flyer:  Survival of the Fittest



Courses open to Year 6 Parents

Alderwood will have Family English courses running and there is a Parenting course open to parents of year 6 children:

Free Family English Course

Enrolment Form

Parents Matter


Termly Update

The Year 6 team have sent the following information to all parents today (24th April 2017):

Practice Makes Perfect


Spring Term 2017

Times Tables Songs

You can find links to the times table songs at the bottom of the main Maths page:  Maths.

Restless Earth

This exciting geography-led topic looks at wild weather, changing climates, devastating earthquakes, violent volcanoes and other aspects of our hazardous earth.... for more information regarding the upcoming activities, take a look at our topic overview:

Restless Earth


New SATs page!

Have you noticed that we have added a new page to our website, dedicated to SATs information and revision links?

To view our SATs page, please click on the 'Y6 SATS' link below: 





Reading with your Year 6 Child

We would like to recommend the following articles which are packed with great ideas for ways to improve your reading sessions with your child:


Home Learning Zone

Spellings - Homophones (updated 06th March)

 Spring Term Reading Passport (updated 23rd January)

 Home Learning (updated 19th January)

 Home Learning (updated 6th January)

 Topic Flyer (updated 6th January)

 Spellings 'Ough' ending (updated 11th January)

Spellings 'cial', 'tial' (updated 31st January)


Year 6 Home Link Books

Please remember that we expect your home link books to be in school every day. For the next few weeks, to help you remember, we will be checking them daily. We will continue to sign them each Tuesday. When they are signed at school we are expecting to see number learning and reading recorded, as well as an adult signature.

Ideas for reading include: reading a book (from home, school or the library), a newspaper or a magazine. There are questions in the home link book that you could discuss with an adult. You could also log on to or

Ideas for number learning include: recall of multiplication and division facts, number of the day challenges, or practising multiplying and/or dividing numbers and decimals by 10, 100 or 1000. There are lots of maths games (e.g. pairs, snap, how many questions can you answer in a given time) that we have shared in class and there are several interactive games on

At the beginning of the year you were given a maths target booklet. Inside these booklets are ideas for the areas of maths you need to learn.  If you have misplaced your maths target booklet please use the link below to reprint it:

  Year 6 - Maths Target Booklet


If you are not sure about what you need to do to make your home link book even better then please come and talk to one of us. 


Other useful website that we have explored in class to help with your learning are:



The Invention of Hugo Cabaret

As part of their topic hook day year 6 watched some movies from the silent movie period. 

If pupils or parents would like to watch the movies at home, the links are as follows:




French Day

Ohh La La!  Year 6 enjoyed their topic hook day solving logic puzzles, learning
about France and best of all sampling delicious croissants, tasty brioche and
yummy hot chocolate. We had fun discussing and  exploring 15 black and white
drawings from the Mysteries of Harris Burdick. You can read more stories and
interpretations of these drawings at:



Autumn Term 2016

Home Learning Zone

 Homelearning Grid (updated 30/11/2016)

 Homophones - 'ce and se' (updated 22/11/2016)

 Spellings - Discussion Words (updated 09/11/2016)

 Autumn Term Home Learning (updated 02/11/2016)

 Half Term Home Learning (updated 12/10/2016)

  Spellings - Suffix 'fer'  (updated 12/10/2016)

  Spellings - Suffix 'able/ible/ably/ibly' (updated 12/10/2016)

  Home learning grid (updated 28/09/2016)

  Make 100 Game (updated 28/09/2016)


Home Learning Timetables

Our family support worker Mrs Lee would like to share these printable resources for you to use with your children to help plan and make their home learning more manageable.

When your child receives their home learning:

  • Encourage them to plan what home learning they will do, when and how much.
  • Spread the home learning out over the week – little and often e.g. 10-15 minutes per session.
  • Give a small, immediate reward.
  • Remind your child that if they don’t do their home learning at the agreed time, there won’t be a reward.


Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Animals

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Fairy

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Football

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Space

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Purple

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Green

Home Learning Timetable - Theme: Blue



On Thursday 1st December 2016 we invited parents/carers in to see our Year 6 Greek ‘Museum-in-a-day’ event.

Year 6 produced some fantastic and informative exhibits to share with their parents and carers.  




Autumn Term Letter to Parents

 Please click here to read our Yr.6 letter to parents:  Autumn Term Letter to Parents 


PGL Information

Many thanks to those parents/carers who attended the PGL information evening.

Please click here to view the presentation used in the meeting:  PGL information meeting

Please click here for a copy of the recommended kit list: PGL kit list


Information for Non-PGL pupils

We have an exciting week planned for those pupils who are not attending PGL:

(Non PGL) Activity Week

(Non PGL) Gordon Brown Centre


Year 6 Maths Target Booklet

Please find below a link to the the year 6 Maths Target Booklet.

  Year 6 - Maths Target Booklet


Year 6 Welcome meeting

Many thanks to those parents who attended our year 6 meeting last week.

Please find attached the presentation that was used, which contains some useful information about Year 6.

Welcome to Year 6 Presentation


Please come to our Year 6 meeting!

We would love to see all parents/carers of Yr.6 students on Thursday 15th September at 2.15pm.

The children will shame some of their learning, and at 2.45pm there will be a short presentation by the teachers about Yr.6 expectations and the year ahead.

For more information, please click here:  TEAM VI

Helping your child in year 6:

We would like to recomment the following guides for parents (please click on the link below):


A big welcome to the new year 6!

Here are a few websites you may find useful to consolidate your learning this term and throughout year 6 (please click on the buttons below to be redirected to the recommended websites):




We would also like to recommend the powerpoints which appear on Swaffield Primary School website for SPAG resources and Maths resources.  

You can access their website here:  

Our thanks to Swaffield Primary School for allowing us to share these resources.


Summer Term 2015


For parents:

We would like to recommend these guides for parents:

Grammar, Punctuation and spelling made easy

Maths in School


For pupils:

Maths (In addition to using the my maths  website) 

Recommended activities for practising maths skills:

Ordering and Sequencing


Multiplication and Division

Hit the button


Maths Mansion


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 

Recommended activities for practising SPAG skills:

Spelling Activity

Spelling and Grammar



Literacy 2


Reading and Writing 

Recommended activities for practising reading and writing:






Reading 2



SATS revision

Recommended Maths SATs revision: 

Recommended Reads for Year 6

Recommended reading list


Autumn Passport

Autumn Passport


50 things to do

50 things to do poster


Learning Times Tables

Times tables booklet



Spelling Leaflet