We have a great award system for the children, which covers all areas of school life.


Weekly - Attendance Ted

Attendance Ted is awarded to the class with the highest attendance for the week. The class name is also written on the attendance board in the reception area.

Certificates are awarded to children with 100% attendance for the term. Certificates are also awarded for improved attendance over the term.

End of year
Continued 100% attendance is rewarded with our 100% badges. The children are expected to wear their badges in school to show pride in their achievement and to promote good attendance.

  • Bronze  – 100% attendance for 1 year
  • Silver    – 100% attendance for 2 years
  • Gold     – 100% attendance for 3 years
  • Star      – 100% attendance for 4 years


Individual Class Awards

Pupils can earn family points for their work, which goes towards the weekly house competiion, or they can earn raffle tickets for fantastic behaviour, which could lead to a prize in the class draw.


Class Awards

Each class operates a blob chart system which allows the whole class the chance to win a class award.  The blobs are given out for whole group effort, support or behaviour..


Positive Certificates

Certificates are given to specific children to highlight their achievements, whether social or academic.  A list of these children can be found in our Positive Book which is kept in reception.


Termly Trophy

Each term we present 3 trophies; one for sustained effort, one for achievement and one for consideration and kindness.  Pupils who win a trophy will be allowed to keep it for a period of one term and will also be given their own trophy badge and certificate.


Headteacher Award

Each week one child will be chosen to receive the Headteacher Award.  They will be given a certificate and a badge for either sustained effort, a particular achievement or for an act of kindness and/or consideration.

Please look in the postive book for the names of our winners.