Regular attendance at school is extremely important.  Our Attendance Policy (click here) clearly explains the attendance expectations we have of all our children. We would recommend that parents read Hampshire County Council’s Good School Attendance Guide. This explains the importance of consistently good attendance and how good attendance will benefit your child’s learning and social development.  It also explains the effects of poor attendance and the circumstances in which authorised absence may be granted.   

Parents are also advised to read the Hampshire County Council Penalty Notice Advice to Parents and Carers leaflet and the Attendance Code of Conduct. Further guidance has also been published on the Hampshire County Council web pages. 


Absence Requests during Term Time

We understand that there may be occasions when you may have to request leave from school for your child during term time. A copy of the Leave of Absence form can be found in the school foyer or downloaded here. We assess each request on an individual basis but comply with Hampshire’s Code of Conduct as above. Please ensure you have referred to the necessary information. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. 

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