Year 5 Homework


Please use TTS Rockstars where specific times tables have been set up in the ‘Garage’ and ‘Arena’ areas. 

TTS Rockstars –

Year 5 Maths Guide for Parents


Please ensure you read for at least 20 minutes, 4 times per week, and that your reading record is signed by an adult to show this has happened. Do not forget to write the title of the book(s) you read and you (or your parents) should write a comment.

Your child should also come home with a Library book – please ensure that your child looks after their library book and brings back to school in a timely manner for other children to enjoy. 

Year 5 English Guide for Parents

Topic (for translation purposes)

Here are your home learning activities for our Ancient Greek topic. You need to choose at least 3 activities from the boxes below to complete.


Your work should be beautifully presented and in your own words. All home learning should be brought into school on Wednesday 13th March to be shared with the class.


Please ask your teacher if you need any help or advice.



Make a Spartan helmet or make a shield.


Design your own Greek menu or make a Greek salad.


Make an A-Z of Greece. Think about presenting your work in the best way possible. You could add an illustration to each or some of the letters along with small pictures linked to your sentences.


Write a diary extract from the viewpoint of a person living in Sparta or in Athens. Write about your daily life.


Research the link between the Parthenon and Athena. How will you present your research?


Make your own Greek theatre mask.


Design your own Labyrinth. It could be made of straws, string, wood or something else.


Create a poster of an imaginary Greek God. Make sure your poster is eye-catching and full of facts and information. Try to think of a symbol for your God too.

Make a travel brochure about Greece Where would you travel to? Where would you stay? What could you do while you were there? Who would you recommend to visit? Use pictures with lots of facts and information.


Turn a Greek myth into a cartoon, for example, Theseus and the Minotaur. Use speech bubbles.






Please continue to read at home at least 4 times a week, to be entered into the weekly reading raffle in Celebration Assembly.

Times Table Rockstars should be accessed 4 time a week or if your child has a folder, complete activities every week.

Practise Spellings that have been provided  in Reading Records should be practised weekly and will be tested every Thursday.